4 Amazing Renovation Ideas for Your Luxury Property

The specialty of a luxurious home is its space, quality, and amenities. Everything is designed and made in such a way that the owner feels lavished upon. If you own a luxury property and are thinking of renovating it to fit the modern trend, the experts at Kelowna luxury home renovations can help you. Here are some amazing renovation ideas for you.

  • You can have an open floor plan. Your entryway should be big, with a beautiful curving marble stairway leading to the top floor. You should leave a large open area close to the entrance of the house. You can do things like chandeliers, statues, etc. in this area. This will give a feeling of ‘big and luxury’ when someone enters the house.
  • You should take full advantage of the modern technology in renovating your home. By only touching a button, you should be able to lock your doors, control the lights and temperature of the home, switch on and off the electronic gadgets, and control the home security system even from a remote area with the help of your mobile phone. These wireless automation systems have become a trend in the luxury property market. You can include in-home theater.
  • You can renovate your kitchen to add energy efficient appliances. You can have a wine cellar. The kitchen must be spacious. You can have the countertops made from marble. You can renovate the cabinets to make them more spacious. You can have a lovely sitting place in the kitchen so that you can have a nice time with your famil members.
  • The bathroom is another area where you need renovation. You can have all the branded fixtures. You can have a spa room and Jacuzzi facility. The bathroom is a very private place where you can relax and drain away all the stress of the day. So, make it spacious and have all kinds of high-quality toiletries that will rejuvenate the body and the mind. You can have a rooftop swimming pool as well.

There are many other tips for a successful West Kelowna home renovation. You can add extra rooms like gymnasiums, game rooms, indoor courts, theater experience and more. When you buy luxury condominiums, they give you special services like babysitting-service, cleaning services, etc. Luxury property owners are more concerned about using materials that are environment-friendly. They prefer having wood flooring, wood doors, and beams. You can go for environment-friendly products for your renovation project. You can also install energy efficient windows and roof. You must remember that luxury means something that will give you an extravagant feeling. It means something that will pamper you and give you all the comfort in the world. The way you want to make your home luxurious depends on your choice. So, renovate your house in such a way that you can get a high-class hotel-feeling by staying at your home. Call the West Kelowna luxury home renovations experts today for a free consultation.

What A Handyman Can Do For You

A handyman is someone who is skillful with their hands. A North York handyman usually has a multitude of skills and is usually available on short notice. Any problem to a home can be fixed by a handyman. They are usually good at their work and will work their way to ensure that everything at your house functions maximally.

A handyman can perform so many tasks for you at your home. A handyman can be of benefit when you want those “little” jobs in your house that you cannot do yourself. Such activities in the house may include:

  • Painting
    In the event that you require painting for your house and you feel it is clearly not a job that will require a professional painter then a handyman will be of great benefit since most of them are skillful painters. Your painting will be done accordingly at lower costs.
  • Wall Hangings
    Whenever you want to hang your paintings, heavy objects, family pictures and even mounting your television to the wall, a handyman will come in “handy”. A handyman will ensure that necessary equipment is used to ensure that the things that are mounted to the wall do not fall off. They can also mount them in a way to enhance the beauty of the house. This is one of the benefits of involving a handyman.
  • Cleaning
    A handyman will ensure that the surrounding of your home is neat and is hygienic. Some of the cleaning jobs that require services of a handyman include cleaning of a patio floor or even a driveway. A handyman will be able to use a pressure hose in order to get rid of mould and even grime and therefore making surfaces look new again.
  • Gardening
    A handyman will be useful in some jobs; you really do not need to call a professional gardener who may end up charging you a lot more than a handyman will have. A handyman is able to perform quite a number of tasks on your garden.
  • Carpentry
    Whether you need to fit new doors or you would like to hang some bookshelves. A handyman will prove to be of great benefit to you. A handyman is able to do such small carpentry and other carpentry related jobs for you. A handyman will be able to put up a shed, other small structures in your estate.
  • Installing flatpack and kit
    Kitchen cabinets, carports and some furniture come in kit form and a handyman will be able to install them for you.

In case some of the repairs you want to be done at your house do not need professional work then it is wise to employ the skills of a handyman. Some of the other jobs that can be done by a handyman include repairing of the ceiling and ceramic tiles, counter-tops, door repair, installation of fan, fence fixing, framing, gutter repair and cleaning, landscaping, basement remodeling, sprinkler repair among other many jobs that can be done by a handyman.

If you reside in Toronto, Ontario Canada then you can consult The HandyForce for they have a list of handymen who will be able to carry out whatever task you will require.

The HandyForce

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Contractors: Leave it to the Professionals

Finding the best Kelowna Contractors can take a great deal of time and effort. Any searching for a contractor must be fully aware of the kind of services that are right for their needs. A contractor can help people do all kinds of important things in their house to make that house more functional and even prepare it for sale. The user may have need of a contractor to make sure the enlargement of a bathroom proceeds on time and correctly. A homeowner may also have need of a contractor who can provide them with more services such as the construction of an entirely new house. The right kind of contractor can help the owner make sure the project is done in accordance with all necessary standards and building codes.

The Right Contractor

In general, a good contractor will meet multiple criteria once you contact them directly. A quality contractor will be someone who has a long history of satisfied clients and work that has stood the test of time. The contractor should be able to provide any potential client with evidence of projects they have completed well. A good contractor will also be able to show anyone who is going to hire them that they can complete a project on time and on budget. The contractor should also have a list of people who are satisfied with their work and can provide evidence of their ability to supervise a project. You should be able to speak with potential references if possible before you consider hiring a contractor to do a job for you.

Other Qualities Necessary

The right kind of contractor should also be able to show that they can work with others. In many instances, a contractor will have a team of skilled workers who can assist with the completion of the project. Many contractors are able to bring in a team with them of skilled craftsmen who know how to accomplish all kinds of specialty work. For example, if you need specialized tile installed properly, a quality contractor should have someone on hand who can do this work for you and do it within a certain time. The contractor’s team will consist of people who have been vetted closely and have the skills necessary to complete your project on time and under budget. A contractor will know how to motivate a team even further to make sure they do the kind of quality work you need to have in your home.

Speak with us. At Start to Finish Construction, we offer quality work that you can count us. Our team will go to your side and get the job done. Contact us today. Discover how we can make your home better.

Finding a Home Renovation Contractor

Whenever you hear home improvement, it makes you want to scream, doesn’t it? Usually, people associate home renovation with stress, a lot of mess and frustration. Just thinking about everything this whole process comes with, makes them want to run the opposite way. According to a consumers’ study, the main reason people postpone their home renovation projects as much as possible has nothing to do with money. It has everything to do with the stress that comes with the project.

Hiring a good contractor will help eliminate that stress. When you have a good contractor working on your home renovation project, the whole process becomes much easier and less messy. How can you find a good contractor? There are several steps that will help you choose the best contractor for your home.

Get informed

Research the National Association of Remodeling Industry for professionals in your area. It is important to work with a local professional because it helps you cut back on the costs, and it also ensures you that if a problem appears, there will be somebody nearby to take care of it. Do a research on local contractors and make a short list with a couple of firms that have drawn your attention.

Interview them through telephone

The great advantage of interviewing contractors through telephone is that it saves you a lot of time. If you have ten firms on your short list, just by having a 15-minute call with each of them will help you get a better image in just two hours. When you interview them, firstly describe your project as accurately as possible and tell them when you want it ready. Ask them if they can complete the job within your deadline. The next step is to ask them about the materials they are going to use and keep their answers in mind. Finally, ask them about their quotes and referrals.

Check their credentials

By now you should have eliminated half of the contractors on your shortlist, based on their quote and their availability to complete your home renovation project within the deadline. For the other half, check their referrals and credentials, as well as the materials they use. You can also check for their online reviews on websites like Angie’s List or Better Business Bureau.

Check their insurance and license

At this point, based on credentials, you have probably chosen a contractor already. Before hiring them, make sure to check their license and insurance certificate. In this line of work, they need to have a license and to be insured in case anything goes wrong. If they can provide you with the right license number and a proper insurance certificate, then it’s safe to hire them.

Design a contract

There’s one more thing you need to do before starting your home renovation project. You need to design a contract in which the contractor will specify the final cost of the project, as well as the separate costs of the labor and materials. When it comes to advance payment, never pay the contractor all the money at once. It’s okay to pay them 10 – 15% upfront, but that’s it. Also, ask them for copies of the receipts for materials and specify the deadline in the contract. After that you are ready to start your home renovation work without any worry.