Nature Inspired Wilden Homes Welcome You

The amazing natural beauty of the nature inspired homes for sale in Wilden will astound you. With over half of the natural landscape preserved, you can not find a more exclusive and remarkable view from your own back porch. Just minutes away from the enchanting community of Kelowna, you can get the best of both lake and city views.You will never be too far from schools and amenities, while still allowing yourself plenty of space to relax and really get back to nature. See for yourself how Wilden homes for sale have been innovative in finding new ways to build sustainable homes that will leave less negative impact on the world. The investments they have made span to the local trade community as well, allowing for new innovations and a stronger local economy.

Speaking of getting back to nature, the homes here really give back to nature as well. The community uses geothermal heating and cooling systems. That means no harmful fossil fuels are being burned to damage the air and surrounding wildlife. Geothermal energy also allows you cut your energy bills in half, saving our world and putting some extra cash in your pocket each month. Imagine being able to make less impact on our world while living in the most beautiful place on earth. The wildlife in Wilden is thriving thanks to the remarkably eco-conscious builders. The beautiful ponds strewn throughout the community provide a home for many beautiful birds, plants and aquatic life. They have even made strides in the safety of animals such as tunnels for the Western Painted Turtle to travel safely. It is creative solutions like these that make this community such an amazing place to live, for both humans and animals alike.

The local schools are also benefiting from the nature inspired homes for purchase in Wilden with the Wilden Creativity award. This revolutionary program encourages the imaginations of children in the community to foster a new generation making strides toward a cleaner and more creative future. These young artists are awarded by having their works put on exhibit in the show homes as well as awards for Visual Arts majors from the community. Investing in the future is the only way to make a greater impact on tomorrow. This creativity can be seen in the amazing designs of the homes for sale here. The uniqueness of each home allows you to find your dream home within the view of the crystal clear Okanagan Lake. From modern to rustic designs, whatever you choose you are making the right choice and helping foster a brighter future for our children.

Summer is the most beautiful time of the year here in Wilden, with the lakes bursting with activities while allowing wildlife to thrive. The warm weather invites you to the beach for skiing, boating and enjoying the beautiful, clear blue waters. Both Okanagan Lake and Kalmalka Lake are only minutes away, letting you get the most of every day you spend here surrounded by nature.

Become a member of the amazing Wilden community today and discover why everyone loves to call this place home so much.

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